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...It's been half a year, hasn't it?
Anyway, have a Symphonia english fandub.
Using an updated version of the lyrics I wrote waaay back when.

Tales of Symphonia ~ Negai [fandub]
VBR mp3, 4.57 minutes, 7 megs

English lyrics )

Actually recorded decently.

Steal and cover at will, though if you do I'd appreciate a link to the file so I can have a version sung by someone who can sing it better than me! ^_^;
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English fandub of Suteki da ne written by yours truly for Anna's birthday, crossposted to Tumblr since that's where she is. You can listen over there without having to DL it if you want.

Rhyming English version, fits the melody, lyrics as close to the original as possible. Happy birthday Anna! =)

Final Fantasy X ~ Suteki da ne [fandub]
VBR mp3, 4.57 minutes, 7.01 megs

English lyrics )

Recorded decently.

Slightly strained voice (recovering from cold). Reverb might be too much on speakers (works fine on headphones), but my only settings being "on" and "off" until I get working gear, I can't do anything about that.

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Since the episodes will be coming out, I might as well post the English adaptations I worked on with Yume for Abyssal Chronicles. My Fandub tag needs some filling.

Note: these are for the anime-length versions only. Japanese lyrics are left in and recut as a tempo reference.

Negai )

Fiat lux ~ Hikari are )

Uchi e kaerou )

Tenkuu no canaria )

Inori no kanata ) )

Ta ga tame no sekai )

Ibitsu )

Kaze wa haruka na asu o shiru )

Any of these can freely be used, no credit needed.
I'd love to be sent a link to the result though!

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Random fun facts about pianos and Skyward Sword music:

1. If you play your piano with your eyes closed, anything you play will sound better. Especially in the morning.
2. If you play Skyward Sword's "Ballad of the Goddess" this way, you will accidentally segue into Fi's theme.
3. If you play the full version, you'll be back at the start of "Ballad of the Goddess" exactly one octave higher.
4. If you keep playing like this because of how neat it sounds, you will violently smash your right hand into the edge of your piano by the start of the fourth roll of "Ballad of the Goddess". So you might want to stop before that. Just saying.


5. If you tell the doctor you got that fracture by blindly playing Zelda music on your piano, he will laugh his ass off. Lie.

Pinky splint time!
I hate you Fi.

Don't worry, it's literally nothing (hairline crack, it'll be gone in two weeks tops), but this is so hilariously stupid I thought I'd share. XD

EDIT: Now with a live MP3 demonstration of how to loop the themes together. Have fun trying it, and don't break any fingers! 
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I was working on Ibitsu, really.
But then I went on to read some roleplay threads.
And of course Grune happened, because she does that.

Tales of Legendia ~ Let's talk [fandub]
VBR mp3, 2.27 minutes, 3.45 megs

English lyrics )

Actually recorded decently.

Of course I'm still not Go Shiina.
Or the Suzukake Children's Choir, for that matter
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The North remembered, and thus Winter comes.

Game of Thrones ~ Beyond the Wall
Game of Thrones main theme
VBR mp3, 2.41 minutes, 4.46 megs

WIP from last year I had since completed, but not mixed down and posted.
And since this is again my first public post in forever: yes, I am still ill.
Apologies to those who messaged me about the Mushishi project.

Amihan, know that I mixed this with sunglasses on and that there will be a reckoning.
And that my one friend nicknamed "North" recalling I was making this killed me.
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Have some music from the Phantasia dramas. The one that plays during the sad time travel scenes.
Because when was the last time I completed ANYTHING in the order I'd planned I would?
Never that's when it was.

TALES OF PHANTASIA - Across space, beyond time
Hi Dhaos. Bye Dhaos. 'Least you went with great music.

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I don't normally KEEP records of my random synth impromedleys but this one's pertinent to Friendlist context so it gets to stay. Maybe I SHOULD post'em all, tho; it'd sure keep my journal busy 'til I decide to stop procrastinating and move on with the actual project tracks. >_>;

Nothing spectacular here, sorry people, just me chaining "As time goes on", "Sylph" and "Be absentminded" from Tales of Phantasia after a giant post party spawned on [ profile] vyctori's journal entry about her Lone Valley playthrough. No multitrack, just my usual split-keyboard with Harp and Vibraphone soundfonts put on duet mode can ya tell those are my favorites yet. Also contains two glorious examples of pedal failure and me forgetting to hold down 'em darn keys on the final chord.

TALES OF PHANTASIA - As time goes on Sylph gets absentminded

I blame Vyctori, Alvanista, Laronmi and Birdzilla. Also Amihan on general principle.
'Cause it's her darn fault Vyc's playing Phantasia in the first place and I've got my brain stuck on Phantasia music mode. >_>

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So yeah I kinda changed absolutely everything.
Aaand now the preview's roundabouts of 5 minutes.
But it's still incomplete, of course. I mean I can't just FINISH something, I'd stop being a sloth f'I did.

Tales of Symphonia ~ Memories of Tethe'alla WIP 2, now ACTUALLY featuring the OTHER SONGS!
The harmonics of the strings ensemble around the third minute are very obviously missing, just, I dunno, pretend they're there. >_> Tons of stuff also goes missing once the Walking on Tethe'Alla part hits, just left it in there for preview's sake and because it all still sounds nice even without it.

Advice on whether I should keep going like this or stick with the former one's style'd be appreciated. I think I like this one WAY more. MUST RESIST ADDING IN OZETTE AND PRESEA.
Now watch me decide I can make it sound better and do it all over again a THIRD time.

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    And, yanno, finish the rest instead.
    ...Ya right.

Might as well post what I'm on, right? Maybe it'll work as incentive to get stuff done. Small preview cuts of things for whoever cares, beware of VERY INCOMPLETE incompleteness with holes all over and very abrupt cuts.

Memories of Tethe'Alla, Tales of Symphonia medley.
Starring Far from our world, Secret from the blue sky, Serenade of elves and Walking on Tethe'Alla, though the cut's only got Far from our world in. Might work Ozette's music in there too.

The seventh Chosen WIP, Tales of Symphonia the Animation Colette mix o'doom.
If a music's affiliated with Colette and comes from the OAV, IT'S IN THERE. All of 'em. Ignore the obvious hole in the chords. Score manages to clock longer than the Dhaos medley, WTH DID I GET MYSELF INTO. Much like the Dhaos medley, score's complete, but I can't settle on what should be played by which instrument and keep rerecording. Probably 'til the next Doomsday.

Beyond the Wall WIP, Game of Thrones musicboxification of the opening credits.
Ya I know. Game of Thrones, music box, DOES NOT COMPUTE. Comes with winter wind to compensate.

You need to finish stuff, self. YOU NEED TO FINISH STUFF! >_<  

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Token post indicating my survival is token. Did that even make sense?

Because no, I haven't died, I'm just being my usual sloth working on twenty things at once 'specially a couple Tales of Symphonia and Rebirth pieces and postin' none 'cause I'm never ever EVER satisfied with my own darn work when it comes to remixes and reorchestrations. I blame procrastination, crappy work shift hours, and Princess Tutu. Totally Ahiru's fault.

So here, have some Breath of Fire IV main theme, why don'tcha? Short cut is short, but should be long enough to confirm my status as still alive or at the very least partially undead. Expect celesta and vibraphone all over the place as usual.

Breath of Fire IV ~ Endings and Beginnings

Why yes, I'm a complete nerd. Dun care. That theme kicked ass.
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And the winner for Track I Lagged The Less On is apparently Omoi mi as a whole, the other two variants being pretty damn complete as well. Still lacking the correct chimes and background percussions though. Those'll be added in as soon as I can get decent ones.

This'll have to do in the meantime.

Omoi mi ~ The seed is planted 

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Now with all this Phantasia talk and drama ripping I'm working on a Phantasia Dhaos gigamix of doom and despair instead of focusing on Mushishi!!


Tales of Phantasia ~ Fulfilling the mission of missing Dhaos' castle on Derris-Kharlan [utterly incomplete demo version]

Yes, all tracks cut at random spots. Incompleteness is incomplete.

FYI, the score's all written down and unless I fail counting tempo so far it's topping at just shy of six minutes.... You can figure out which tracks are in from the title, and I kinda sorta really want to manage to sneak in Resurrection and Past Crime in this somewhere so I can MAKE THE TITLE EVEN LONGER. >_>,

BTW, use headphones if you have some. The poor thing's not equalized or panned properly yet.

EDIT 4: Link updated, again. Slightly longer now. Ya I know I'm a slowpoke.

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Still like xylophones, celestas and marimbas?

Well, if you also happen to like Megaman as well, or Mega Man or Rockman or however you write it, then you're in luck, I guess. Everyone always seems to be remixing Megaman tunes in metal or techno style, but though I love both, I fail guitar and drums thoroughly, and so I must default to my usual musicboxish percussions and synths instead.

Megaman X ~ Zero's theme

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This one's rather old, but I figured, why not post it as well?

This track is a medley of the main theme, the ending credits, and the sad theme. Like the others, it was originally posted on the Kinonotabi LJ community under our Eilon/eiiion common account.

Forgive the crappy synth drum track. Neither of us could play drums. Not even synth ones.

Kino no Tabi ~ Kino no medley

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Ever tried to remix a particular music only to end up remixing another entirely? That's what happened here. This was going to be Magus' theme musicboxified, only then Schala somehow got stuck in my head, and she kind of brought an orchestra.

And the Ocean Palace, too, but that's another thing entirely.

Chrono Trigger ~ Januschalace

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Do you like celestas? Music boxes? Vibraphones? Kalimbas?

Good, so do I. Musicboxification of music I like is my favorite passtime. And the track "Hope" from Heroes of Might and Magic IV seemed to me to be a perfect subject. I fail strategy games forever, but I keep playing this one for the soundtrack alone.

Purists beware, I've taken a couple liberties with the melody. They're small, though!

Heroes of Might and Magic IV ~ Hope

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If given the chance, I'd hate the Kino no Tabi OST just as much as Mushishi's. Except I can't, because for some unfathomable reason, IT DOESN'T EXIST. Which is a crime of the highest order.

Oh, there's a CD, yes. Except it's not the music from the anime, just soundalikes and medleys, and it manages to lack the main theme, of all things to skip. Unlike Mushishi, however, there's only a few variants of the main theme, so this project might actually end up completed before the end of days.

I tried to fix that glaring horror of a mistake, so I started to post my rerecordings on the Kinonotabi LJ community. Sadly, my fixing was interrupted by two computer crashes, the second of which destroyed my reference rips, then the friend I was recording these with moving, and finally job hunting. I intend to correct this and finish it, for real this time!

These tracks were originally posted under our Eilon/eiion common account.


He is speed and I am balance
I'm flying
Kino and Kino

Might be updated tomorrow, might be updated in ten years...

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I have always despised the Mushishi OSTs. Why? Because Mushishi has my favorite soundtrack in any anime ever, and only one version of each theme was released, despite the series being riddled with enough variants to make an entire third CD.

Since the unpublished music doesn't resist editing SFX and voices out well enough to make a simple clean DVD rip, it means that if I wanna catch'em all, I have to play them myself. Which is going to take several thousand years, because not only am I lazy, there's a whole lot of them.

Incomplete reference DVD rip pack, SFX and voices still in:
And that's only about two thirds of them, too. Yes, some are very similar to the OST ones, but I'm a completist, and in some cases my favorite version is one of the dropped alternates. I'm looking at you, Nui's death, The seed is planted and Tagane. >_>

Unfortunately my poor old synth and my just as poor soundfont banks aren't quite up to par with Toshio Masuda's, so I gotta work with what I've got, and it won't be nearly as good as the real thing.


Uro mayu tori ~ Aya
Omoi mi ~ The seed is planted

Might be updated tomorrow, might be updated in ten years...